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August 8, 2019| Health and Wellbeing /

Never too young for bowel cancer

Bowel cancer is traditionally associated with older people but with an increasing incidence in those under 50, doctors are encouraging younger people to monitor their bowel health.

October 23, 2018| Health and Wellbeing /

Living with osteoarthritis

Life with osteoarthritis can certainly be painful, but are there any dietary changes that can help you feel better? We look at some of the food myths and theories surrounding osteoarthritis

May 4, 2017| Health and Wellbeing /

Breaking down bariatric surgery

Surgery for weight loss has become an increasingly common solution to the rising incidence of obesity. But, as with any procedure, a patient exploring bariatric surgery has a number of options to consider. Goodness Me looks at who bariatric surgery might suit, what is involved and what to expect a typical day’s meals to look like post-surgery.

August 7, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

When to see a Dietitian

There is an enormous amount of misinformation readily available regarding nutrition, which spreads quickly through social media. Epworth Accredited Practising Dietitian Emma Caldwell, takes us through some of the reasons to see a dietitian, and more importantly, what differentiates a dietitian from someone providing dietary advice.

May 28, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Exercise improves outcomes for cancer patients

Up until fairly recently, the advice to cancer patients during treatment was to rest as much as necessary. But a revolution of sorts is underway as the remarkable, positive affect exercise can have on a patients’ ability to cope with treatment and their future health is revealed.

March 30, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Make it a healthy, happy Easter

It’s easy to get carried away at Easter and turn a day of indulgence into a four-day chocolate binge. But it is possible to have a healthy Easter without having to sacrifice the sweetness.

February 6, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Does your BMI really matter?

Many people don’t realise that a traditional body mass index (BMI) calculation is not the best way to measure excess weight, with more and more people now turning to body composition scans to better understand and manage their health.