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April 16, 2019| Health and Wellbeing /

Massage during pregnancy - Qi Rhythm

We had a chat with Melanie from Qi Rhythm, who provides pre and post natal massage therapy, to discuss the benefits of massage for mothers and infants.

December 17, 2018| Health and Wellbeing /

The fourth trimester

There can be a lot of pressure placed on new mums to adapt to life with a new baby, like a duck takes to water. From getting your little one to sleep through the night to mastering breastfeeding, the list of “shoulds” is long and unrealistic.

March 3, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

So you’re pregnant... What now?

Once that pregnancy test comes up positive, it can feel like you need an interpreter and a Masters degree just to understand what will be expected of you over the next nine months and beyond.

February 19, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Foods to avoid when you're pregnant

Anything bad for you is usually bad for your bub, but there are some healthy foods you should avoid. Here's why.