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March 29, 2018| Epworth News /

Wig Salon opens at Epworth Geelong

Epworth Geelong is here to support cancer patients with more than just clinical care.

Patients experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment can now access the new Wig Salon, located at Epworth Geelong.

March 7, 2016| Health and Wellbeing /

Self image and the healing process

While it might not have a direct effect on the disease, some patients find that taking charge of their appearance and maintaining some level of normality during the challenging treatment, can be extremely powerful. The right wig or makeup, even a little pampering, may make the world of difference in feeling a little more spoilt and a little less like a patient. 

March 6, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Not so risky business: The truth about radiation oncology

While a cancer diagnosis can be a very confronting time, many patients also worry whether the treatment will bring additional health issues down the track. Here we explore some of the common queries about radiation treatment.