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September 2, 2019| Health and Wellbeing /

What is a heart bypass operation?

If you have blocked coronary arteries, your doctor may recommend a heart bypass operation to create new pathways for those arteries to deliver blood to your heart.

February 4, 2019| Health and Wellbeing /

Pain that keeps coming back

With around one in six Australians experiencing back pain each year, it’s not uncommon for us to be complaining about a sore back. For some of us, back pain can be treated and will leave us be, but for others it continues long after the body has healed.

January 10, 2019| Health and Wellbeing /

Living with arthritis

Arthritis can pose some challenges to everyday activities however, it’s important to learn how to manage the symptoms to continue to live a fulfilling life.

March 30, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Make it a healthy, happy Easter

It’s easy to get carried away at Easter and turn a day of indulgence into a four-day chocolate binge. But it is possible to have a healthy Easter without having to sacrifice the sweetness.