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April 21, 2018| Health and Wellbeing /

The sugar-high you don't want

A lot of people joke about a ‘sugar coma’ when indulging in too many sweets, but for some people it’s a very real risk. Find out what you need to know.

May 4, 2017| Health and Wellbeing /

Can’t keep your eyes open?

If this is happening to you on a regular basis you could be suffering from excessive sleepiness, a condition that can and should be treated.

August 19, 2016| Health and Wellbeing /

Under pressure: High blood pressure is the silent killer

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer in medicine, as it often has done the most damage before you even feel any symptoms. We take you through the signs to look out for, and the treatments to expect if you have high blood pressure.