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December 4, 2018| Epworth News /

Extra Special Christmas Lunch for Cardiac Patients

The 2018 HeartSmart Christmas Lunch at Leonda on the Yarra was extra special with Tour de France cyclist, Matt Keenan acting as MC and a family sharing their personal story of a 'chain of survival'.

July 26, 2016| Epworth News /

Cardiac Diagnostic Services now Available at Epworth Geelong

Epworth Geelong delivers comprehensive, expert cardiac and cardiothoracic diagnostics, treatment and care.

Services include:

  • tests essential to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease and rhythm disturbances

  • analysis of heart rhythm and blood pressure

June 27, 2016| Health and Wellbeing /

Getting to the Heart of Breathlessness

Breathlessness from exertion in exercise is quite normal, until it is not. Many people experience a marked change in their breathing at some stage in their lives. Goodness Me finds out what to look out for and when to seek medical help if you are experiencing breathlessness.

June 7, 2016| Health and Wellbeing /

Managing the Risk of Stroke

A stroke occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is suddenly disrupted. Without blood flow, the brain is starved of oxygen and cells quickly die. Goodness Me explores ways of managing the risk of stroke.

May 25, 2016| Health and Wellbeing /

I can feel my Heartbeat: Heart Palpitations Explained

Can you feel your heart pounding in your chest? You may be getting heart palpitations. Goodness Me talks to an expert and looks at what to consider when you feel your heart marching to the beat of a different drum.

April 9, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Heart Events and Depression: Understanding the Link

A staggering one in five people will go on to develop depression after a heart event. This can affect their ability to make the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain their health. 

February 6, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

What Makes You Tick?

One of the latest advancements in the area of coronary artery disease is the use of bio-absorbable stents. This new technology is an alternative to coronary artery by-pass, whereby clogged arteries are replaced by grafting an artery from another part of the body so the coronary arteries can function effectively.