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September 1, 2019| Health and Wellbeing /

Looking After Yourself After a Heart Attack

Leaving hospital is just the beginning of your recovery from a heart attack. Most people survive a first heart attack and go on to live healthy, productive lives. But after one heart attack, unfortunately you’re at increased risk of another. Here are some tips to help you feel better - and stay well - into the future.

September 14, 2018| Health and Wellbeing /

Caring for Your Kidneys

The kidneys play a vital role in keeping your body healthy, but how can we look after this underrated organ?

August 19, 2016| Health and Wellbeing /

Under Pressure: High Blood Pressure is the Silent Killer

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer in medicine, as it often has done the most damage before you even feel any symptoms. We take you through the signs to look out for, and the treatments to expect if you have high blood pressure.

July 31, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Get Active to Manage Stress

Stress. It’s an expected response to adverse or dangerous situations. A small amount can be a good thing, increasing our energy and helping us to focus on things we find challenging. Too much can seriously affect our quality of life and contribute to a range of physical and mental health problems. 

March 30, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

Make it a Healthy, Happy Easter

It’s easy to get carried away at Easter and turn a day of indulgence into a four-day chocolate binge. But it is possible to have a healthy Easter without having to sacrifice the sweetness.

March 5, 2015| Health and Wellbeing /

The Top 8 Annual Health Checks to Consider

The beginning of the year is a great time to get your health in order for the year ahead. Particularly as we get older, we are more vulnerable to a whole range of illnesses and diseases, some that have no warning signs or symptoms.