Running for One Girl

October 8, 2019| Epworth News /

When you educate a girl, everything changes. This possibility is being embraced by our Health Information Services team at Epworth Richmond.

Our team are taking girl power to the next level by running (in school dresses!) to change the lives of girls living in impoverished parts of Africa.

Realising how lucky to have so many opportunities in Australia, Danelle Greenwood, Leanne Spiteri, Laura Glew, Kiran Sehmi, Xuan-Nhi Ho and Ashleigh Dunscombe decided to help the less fortunate.  They have signed up to run 5km or 10km in the Melbourne Marathon on 13 October, in support of One Girl.

They will be running in a school uniform for those girls in Uganda and Sierre Leona who can’t.

One Girl focuses on providing girls with access to quality education – to ensure that all girls no matter where they are born or how much money they have can enjoy the same rights and opportunities as boys.

It’s a good cause with a worthy purpose, so Ashleigh and I signed up and dragged our colleagues to do it with us.
— Laura Glew, Epworth HealthCare

“In parts of Africa, there is a lot of poverty and little education for girls. If they have their period, they don’t go to school, 40% marry before 18 and have children young. They don’t know about basic hygiene and then get infections. The child mortality rate is higher because these girls don’t know how to look after a baby.

If you’re educated, you’re more likely to have a smaller family and make sure they are also educated. Education empowers these women.
— Laura Glew, Epworth HealthCare

As well as education, One Girl supports education to stop domestic violence, teaching men about gender roles, respect for women and human rights.

Raising a small amount can make a big difference - $25 can buy a year’s supply of sanitary pads, $50 can purchase five pairs of school shoes and $300 can give a girl access to education for a year.

Support our team here.

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