Top Ten Healthy Eats in Melbourne

October 25, 2018| Our Community /

It can be a struggle to eat well when you’re going out with friends or grabbing a quick dinner on the way home from work.

But whether it’s some Kohlrabi Kimchi you’re hankering for or just a well roasted spud, this list will have you covered next time you want to treat yourself to a superfood spread, or grab a healthy bite to eat on the go.

Cornerstone of Northcote

First up is Cornerstone of Northcote, who will impress despite their brekkie menu coming across as a little, well, Northside. Boasting coconut charcoal waffles and turmeric scrambled eggs, if you’re after delicious, honest, modern Australian food, this is a sure bet.

Serotonin Eatery

The world’s first happiness centre wants to give you more than just Positivity Pancakes when you visit their Richmond digs. The cafe has a menu designed for maximum happiness, an exercise centre and regular education evenings to boost your chances of being content.

Walk Don’t Run

Armadale’s Walk Don’t Run uses 100 per cent organic, locally sourced ingredients and is committed to including superfoods in every dish - without compromising flavour. Mindful eating at its freshest.


Tofu Shop

If you’re after a heathy meal after a check- up at Epworth Richmond, look no further than the Tofu Shop, located right across the road. Making their own tofu since 1982, this unassuming café will challenge every negative thought you’ve had about tofu.  


Moroccan Soup Bar Two Go

Recently opened right near by the ever-popular Moroccan Soup Bar by the same team, this take away-focused hive of activity will fill you up with a lunch or dinner box for just $12.50. Bring your own Tupperware container and get a further $2 off your box of goodies, including couscous salad, chickpea bake, grilled halloumi, falafel, hummus, potato sumac and smoked eggplant.


Foxes Den

This is chicken and salad done right. Free range, chemical and gluten-free and sourced from Geelong, there are so many options. Combine your chook with a range of delicious salads, pop it in a roast pulled chicken roll, or enjoy it in one of four kinds of curry. Low key healthy options in four Southside locations.



If you’re in a hurry, Spudbar is the perfect meal on the go without having to compromise by eating fast food. On top of a freshly baked potato, you can pile your own choice of salads and toppings, or just opt for the salad on its own. With stores all over Melbourne’s CBD and suburbs, as well as Deliveroo and UberEats options, you can rest assured you’re never too far from a spud with your name on it.


The Vegie Bar

While the Vegie Bar in Fitzroy will offer you a huge number of healthy options, let’s be honest- most of us are in it for the cheesecake at the end. The Mostly Greens plate and healthy vegan nachos are a sure hit for those who are health conscious, but trust us, it’s really worth rewarding yourself with the cheesecake. Did we mention the cheesecake?



It’s here you will find your Kimchi of Kohlrabi, nettle and cucumber, along with countless other Asian inspired meals including arguably Melbourne’s best dumplings and bao, vegetable and meat plates that you can order individually or experience as part of famed Supernormal banquet. An upmarket treat when you’re seeking a reason to celebrate.


Raw Trader

Raw Trader set themselves up believing that just because a person might be into an organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, dairy free or sugar free diet, doesn’t mean they don’t also want a serious treat. Full of cakes, tarts, mousses and biscuits, you’re sure to find something you can enjoy here, regardless of your dietary choices. The raw donuts are a particular highlight. Guilt-free? Just maybe!



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