Healthy Eats of the Eastern Streets

January 31, 2019| Our Community /

Hello 2019,

We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival, some may even proclaim we’ve been ravenous for you, and now that you’re here we can begin our journeys, begin pursing the new, expelling the old, and taking the first bite out of our resolutions.

2019 you’ve helped instil a sense of excitement and initiative within many of us, a thirst for growth, and a self-imposed commitment towards changing and bettering our unhealthy or otherwise unproductive habits from the year before.

Many will argue that a new year shouldn’t dictate when you start changing your unhealthy habits, nor start instilling the new. That you shouldn’t wait until ‘Monday’ to start this, or the first of any month to start that. In their defence those people aren’t wrong, a habit is something that does form over consistent practice and repetition, and yes realistically it’s never ‘the wrong time’ to begin bettering ourselves, but some of us find it more organic to work by a deadline or after a fixed starting date. I personally prefer to begin my projects when the clock ends in a 0 or 5; maybe that makes me ‘odd’ but I’m learning to be okay with that- everyone has their thing and that’s wonderful. 2019 is about accepting, owning, and bettering whatever it is that works for you.

Many of us set ourselves the goal of improving our eating habits, ‘eat more’, ‘eat less’ , ‘eat cleaner’, ‘eat whatever the h*ll I want because yolo’ – maybe don’t adopt that last one, please. If eating habits is something you’ve decided to change, let’s do it together, and let’s do so with regard to the general advice given from dietitians and professional health clinicians in mind. Let’s prioritise portion control, having an array of things picked and plucked from Mother Earth on our plates, and making a more conscious effort to understand what we’re putting into our bodies.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or bland, and for whatever reason you’ve decided to focus on it this year here’s a list of cafes that are known to serve up exciting eats, local feasts and are all healthy treats. Conveniently, they’re all located near Epworth Eastern in Box Hill.

Cheers to a healthier, happier, and delicious 2019.

1)        Whitehorse Chloe, 850 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

2)        Mister and Miss Café, 711 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills

3)        Rubix, 519 Middleborough Rd, Box Hill

4)        Red Cup Café, 1124 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

5)        Aunt Billies, 184 Surrey Rd, Blackburn

6)        Madam Kwong’s Kitchen – Malaysian, 1025 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

7)        Tien Dat – Vietnamese, 3 Carrington Rd, Box Hill

8)        David and Camy Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant, 606 Station Street, Box Hill

Emily Wexler


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