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I, Emily, am an out-loud-and-proud Netflix devotee.  

I’d just like to mention that I actually do have a life outside of Netflix, but devotee is more or less relative to an ability to keep up with the trending television shows. I love a sporadic series binge sesh, and it’s important to note every now and again it can be healthy to indulge in some sloth time when you’re feeling overworked, unwell, or just need to spend a moment being horizontal. It’s easy to get lost in a Netflix series, to get hooked on the instant gratification that comes alongside the life-changing automatic-ness of the ‘play next episode’ process, it becomes habitual, however, and I do say this with a heavy heart, it isn’t perhaps the healthiest of habits.

We’re continuously seeing reports throughout the media around the increasing rates of life-threatening obesity, as well as heart and cardiovascular related diseases. I’m not at all blaming Netflix here (please, don’t cancel my subscription) because, in a business sense, it delivers its users a gold standard service; it delivers exactly what it promises. The fundamental issue lays with us audiences; unfortunately, we’ve simply become unmotivated to switch off the screens and turn away from the ‘flix.

I propose that together we find a way of combining flixing and flexing.

Kondo to Can-do

Marie Kondo’s series ignites audiences’ passion for organising their homes through the primary concept of only keeping things that spark joy. There’s a lot of physical labour involved with organising one’s home, which as audiences we don’t tend to see a lot of in each episode, but the activity is transferable to real world solutions prevailing against obesity. Once you have decided upon the things to cleanse from your home try walking them to your local community store or homeless shelter, such as Alkira Opportunity Shop in Box Hill. Walking to local Op Shops is a great way to get in some exercise and is an activity that will actually spark joy for your body’s muscles and brain’s chemicals.

Riverdale to Chip and Dale

Hear me out, Riverdale the series is essentially about a bunch of friends who collectively roam around towns and forests and investigate mysteries; somewhat like a modern-day Scooby Doo gang. Chip and Dale are chipmunks. What do both have in common? Trees. Okay, that was a bit of a stretch, but my point is Box Hill Gardens near Epworth Eastern is a beautiful space to gather your very own mystery-solving gang and recount on the latest episode over a picnic, or even go back to basics with a classic game of hide-and-seek or cops-and-robbers. I’m not advocating for anyone to get involved with police matters, but being outside reinvigorates our imaginations, which for families with children they will find the gardens a safe space for them to live out their favourite characters’ mystery-busting shenanigans.

Stranger Things to Water Wings

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that trying to stand upside down is difficult. If you’ve watched Stranger Things, you’ll know that the Upside-Down World is a crucial part of the story, so you might be interested to know that one of the best places to attempt standing upside down (safely) is in one of the recreational pools at AquaLink in Box Hill. The centre boasts multiple recreational and dedicated swimming pools which are great if you want to alleviate cramped muscles or want to get your heart and blood flowing. 

Emily Wexler


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