Geelong Community Turn out in Force

June 23, 2016| Our Community /

In what has been hailed a major success, close to 3000 people toured the new Epworth Hospital in Geelong on Sunday at the Community Open Day.

The event was staffed by a team of 50 incredible volunteers who were run off their feet from 10:00am until after 3:30pm.
Volunteers were sustained by coffee from the new Zouki Café, who estimate that they served more than 3500 cups of coffee in their first day of operations, and Rotary who served more than 500 sausages from their BBQ in the small tent at the entrance of the hospital.

Visitors quickly filled the hospital’s main car park, overflowing to Deakin University’s car park next door. Visitors took the short walk to the new hospital along the Deakin Link path, to be used by Deakin students as they make their way to and from the new hospital.

Hospital tours a great success

Tours of between 20 and 40 people left from the foyer with each tour taking around 45 minutes, visiting the Emergency Department; the Operating Suite; Medical Imaging; Day Oncology and patient rooms on the 5th floor.

Volunteer Tour Leader and Epworth Geelong HR Director, Mick Fuller said, “Overall, I was surprised at how interested people were in understanding how a hospital actually works. They were interested in a range of things, such as what types of surgery we will provide; the nature of our relationship with Deakin University; and the opening hours and costs associated with the Emergency Department. Fuller said that the feedback was very positive. “People loved the environment and décor; they were impressed with all the new equipment; and were generally very interested in everything about their new hospital”.

Fuller, who is responsible for more than 370 new staff, said that he was particularly impressed by those staff members who had volunteered their time to lead tours around the hospital. “I was so impressed at the professionalism and passion expressed by all the tour guides, and how generous they were giving up their precious day off to come in and help out”.

Epworth Geelong CEO Damian Armour spent much of the day talking to hospital visitors and leading tours. “It was terrific to see how the community responded to the opportunity to inspect the hospital. I was extremely proud of how the Epworth Geelong staff along with staff from other Epworth divisions worked together to make the day a complete success”.

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Read more and see more photos on the Community Open day on the Geelong Advertiser’s website.

Photo courtesy Barefoot Media.

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