Epworth Launches Public Art Gallery

June 28, 2016| Our Community /

A new public art gallery at Epworth Geelong

At Epworth, the one goal that drives everything we do is to improve patients’ lives. Growth through reach and services is just one of the ways in which we strive to achieve this goal.

We are very excited that the opening of Epworth Geelong provides us with a wonderful opportunity to seek to enrich, inspire and enliven our patients, visitors, staff, Deakin University students and the broader community, through the establishment of a dedicated public art gallery.

In July 2016 we celebrate the opening of Epworth Arts Foundation’s public art gallery at Epworth Geelong with an exhibition of works titled The Victorian Scene by artist Geoff Newton.

About the opening exhibition

Geoff Newton’s The Victorian Scene, on loan to Epworth Arts Foundation for the exhibition from Epworth’s permanent artwork collection, comprises a series of 16 works with each painting representing the landscape or streetscape immediately visible from the entrance of the each of the regional galleries from where the images were sourced.

As Newton describes it, “Generally overlooked, this vista also represents the world that inspires both the galleries collection and staff”. But The Victorian Scene also borrows ideas from ‘History Painting’ – a genre in which painting is defined by its subject matter rather than artistic style. In this case, the subject matter is the museum or gallery and, with the buildings themselves absent from the works.

Newton integrates the design of the façade of each public building with a number of similarities that can be seen in each work – we see street furniture, handrails, benches, car parks and, as with Newton’s 55 Little Malop St, Geelong, September 24 (2015), even the bright red plastic barricades that interrupt the street scene to signify the presence of roadworks – a moment in history presented as a narrative.

There is an irony to this exhibition – art resides within the buildings that we do not enter or see – but it is also reminds of the importance of the gallery as a focal point from which to navigate and draw attention to public space. Thus, it seems fitting that Geoff Newton’s The Victoria Scene should be the inaugural exhibition in the new public art gallery at Epworth Geelong, to which we would like to extend our warmest welcome to all.

Gallery location and opening hours

Located between the main hospital foyer and the education precinct on Level 1 of Epworth Geelong, the gallery will be open to the public free of charge daily from 8.30–5.00pm from Monday 4 July.

Image: Geoff Newton  55 Little Malop St, Geelong, September 24,  2015 Oil on linen 64×94 cm

Image: Geoff Newton 55 Little Malop St, Geelong, September 24, 2015 Oil on linen 64×94 cm

Contact details

For further information or enquiries please contact Tracy Spinks, Art Collection Manager: tracy.spinks@epworth.org.au.


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