Friends of Epworth Raise Funds for Epworth Rehabilitation

June 27, 2019| Our Community /

The Friends of Epworth hosted another fantastic race day this year. With thanks to the generosity of guests, over $120,000 was raised which will support the care of patients, including jockeys, in rehabilitation.

Despite the wintery conditions, the room was full of colour and excitement with over 450 guests dressed in their finest racing attire. Hosted by jockey Casey Bruce, the Friends of Epworth Race Day proved once again to be one of her favourite times of the year.

Cathi Biddick, John Keating, Casey Bruce, Lonny Milham & Jaqui Maree

Cathi Biddick, John Keating, Casey Bruce, Lonny Milham & Jaqui Maree

To understand the relationships between the Epworth and the Jockeys association is something to value. The medical teams that play a part in the rehabilitation and care of our racing participants. For me it’s an outstanding day
— Casey Bruce, Jockey

Matthew Hyland, Executive Officer of the Victorian Jockey’s Association continued,

For well over a decade now, jockeys have benefitted greatly from the Victorian Jockeys Association’s relationship with Epworth Hospital. So many jockeys engage with Epworth, whether as an injured rider going through the Emergency Department, or those undergoing important surgical procedures or jockeys who link in with Epworth’s outstanding rehabilitation treatment programs. We are so fortunate to have that relationship in place. We value our ongoing relationship immensely.
— Matthew Hyland, Executive Officer of the Victorian Jockey's Association

We are grateful to the ongoing support of our major sponsors GJK Facility Services, Victorian Racing Club and Tabcorp, without who this event would not be possible.


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