Epworth Eastern redevelopment

March 4, 2019| Epworth News /

A new chapter for Epworth Eastern will commence with the construction of the East Wing Tower early this year. The East Wing Tower will address over capacity of patient beds, operating theatres and provide new opportunities for doctors who are currently on wait lists to work at the hospital.

Epworth Eastern has finalised demolition of the site adjacent to the hospital at 25 Nelson Rd, a key milestone for the sites expansion and redevelopment. The 14-story East Wing Tower will be constructed in partnership with Northwest Healthcare Properties Management and will assist in the expansion of a number of services and facilities, including the following:

  • Three new clinical floors

  • Additional consulting suites

  • A brand-new emergency department

  • Additional car parks

  • Additional operating theatres

The exciting expansion of these services and facilities will serve to compliment the strong services already provided by Epworth Eastern, which include:

  • A dedicated Chinese Speaking Concierge service to provide admissions assistance (ph: 1800 903 899)

  • A 24 bed Cardiac Care Unit complimented by world class cardiology and cardio-thoracic services

  • An 18 bed Intensive Care Unit

  • 10 state of the art operating theatres offering complete comprehensive care

  • Comprehensive Cancer Care offering including oncology services provided in a brand-new day medical unit, volunteer run Wig Salon, Breast Clinic, pain and palliative care, melanoma unit and pastoral care service

  • Interventional pulmonary service

  • Vascular surgery for all vascular conditions including treatment of acute and chronic leg ulcers

  • Endoscopic and urology services

Epworth Eastern is committed to partnering with our patients through every aspect of their care as well as continuing to function as an integrated academic and teaching hospital.

The increased capacity for staff and doctors will also see Epworth Eastern employ in excess of 160 additional staff and the Redevelopment of the site will allow Epworth Eastern to further contribute to the education and training of theatre technicians, enrolled nurses and many more positions through the partnership between Epworth Eastern and Box Hill Institute.

Epworth Eastern’s redevelopment team looks forward to updating staff and key stakeholders on the next stages of this exciting project which can be found on our website here.


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