Day One Today at Epworth Geelong

July 4, 2016| Epworth News /

Epworth Geelong — the $277 million hospital on Pigdons Road Waurn Ponds — is open and welcoming its first patients.

Approximately 350 staff are on-site, ready to deliver patient care and adding some finishing touches to the 172 private inpatient rooms. Apurpose-designed emergency department is open from 8am till midnight and operating theatres are booked.

Epworth Geelong same-day and diagostic services

Under the public/private healthcare partnership between Epworth Geelong and Barwon Health University Hospital Geelong, Epworth Geelong provides same-day services (including day surgery, renal dialysis and day oncology) to public patients who are already on the waiting list or are currently receiving treatment at Barwon Health.

Onsite pathology and a range of diagnostic services including Epworth Medical Imaging, Cardiac Diagnostic Services are also open and ready to welcome patients and patient inquiries.

View all Epworth Geelong services.

A new choice in healthcare for Greater Geelong

Epworth Geelong CEO Damian Armour said he is delighted that from today the Greater Geelong community has a new choice of healthcare.

“Today is a day for everyone to celebrate. The community has had amazing involvement in the design, plan and build of this world-class facility – from the ground up.

Our partnership with Deakin University has helped plan for future medical and allied health care students. I am extremely proud of the local workforce that we have attracted and all are sharing an air of excitement that this day has finally arrived,” Mr Armour said.

“We are starting in a low key way with a small number of patients booked for theatre and dialysis, and we imagine this will steadily increase over time. At its full capacity, we will be able to many thousands of patients annually,” Mr Armour added.

Epworth Geelong is a not-for-profit, private hospital, combining more than 95 years of Epworth HealthCare’s experience in Victoria.

Building phase, local work contracts and suppliers

The decision to establish Epworth Geelong included a conscious awareness of the rate of population growth and the economic environment in the region. It was decided at the outset that where possible and appropriate, contracts be awarded to local companies.

During the land preparation and building stages, more than $21 million worth of contracts was awarded to local manufacturing and construction trades and suppliers.

Construction of Epworth Geelong was the primary contributor to the 557 per cent increase in Greater Geelong non-domestic building activity figures in November 2014 as the build gained momentum. By 30 June 2015 there were more than 550 people working on site.

Watch some of the locals who helped build Epworth Geelong speak about their journey through this momentous project.

This vision was shared by Brookfield Multiplex, who formally engaged companies including Geelong Fabrications (structural steel), Geelong Fire Services, Norris Plant Hire (Civil Works) and Geelong Telephone Company, to name a few. In addition, other subcontractors engaged on the project sourced employees who lived in the greater Geelong region.

Both Epworth HealthCare and Brookfield Multiplex were impressed by the quality of work and supplies available within the region.  The established companies provide a great quality product and service, with years of industry experience to match,” says Damian. “When  Epworth Geelong opens, patients and visitors can walk through the doors knowing our hospital is of the highest quality because of the standard within the local industry.”

In offering more work locally, we have enabled new apprenticeships to commence through contractors on site, to give up-and-coming building and manufacturing employees the chance to learn their trade on an exciting and large-scale project.

GForce, which provides apprenticeship, traineeship and employment opportunities in the Geelong region, placed 15 new and local electrical apprenticeships through Apps Elec, Decon Industries, Geelong Fire Services and QA Electrical.

Apps Elec had 37 local electrical apprentices on site in total, including the new placements through GForce, while D&E air conditioning had four local mechanical service apprentices out of 175 people on site.

It has certainly been a positive start to what is an exciting future ahead for Epworth Geelong.

The keys were handed over from builders Brookfield Multiplex to Epworth HealthCare on Friday 15 April 2016.

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