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December 17, 2018| Epworth News /

In Australia, welcoming a new baby into your family is an exciting and wonderful experience. However, that’s not the case for women in some parts of the world.

For many women in poor or remote regions of the world, childbirth can literally be a matter of life or death. They can experience prolonged, unsupervised labours which can result in the loss of the baby and horrific injuries to the mother, including Obstetric Fistula.

...I hope they learned as much from Lisa and I as we learned from them.
— Dr Samantha Hargreaves, Obstetrician and Gynacologist, Epworth HealthCare

Into Africa

In partnership with the Barbara May Foundation, Epworth Obstetrician and Gynacologist, Dr Samantha Hargreaves, and Neo-Natal specialist, Dr Lisa Fox, have seen the differences first-hand and are working hard to make a difference. They’ve both spent time working at the Vision Maternity Care (VMC) where they assisted the hospital with the day-to-day operational activities and provided valuable training to the midwives and Dr Birhanu Menber.

“It is clear that the hospital’s popularity is increasing and I suspect it will only get busier. Much of what we were asking of the staff does mean more work for them and it is likely that more midwives will need to be employed. I am absolutely amazed at what they have been able to achieve since 2012 and firmly believe their dedication and passion is behind the success. While it was not always easy, it was a privilege to work beside the VMC team and I hope they learned as much from Lisa and I as we learned from them.”

- Dr Lisa and Sam

The journey


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